Need to save a OS to a disc

The problem is, the disc isnt big enough! The OS is 8GB and i only have disc with 4.7 GB of memory. So is their anyway i can like save it to those disc in 2 parts or something? I also have a external hard drive with like 200 gb of memory. Would it be possible for me to make that like an installion hard drive or something?
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  1. You cannot just save the OS off your hard drive onto a DVD, it doesnt work that way, and if you transport it to a different computer it wont work without a re installation anyway. Why are you trying to do this?
  2. Sigh...hunter i saved Windows 7 to a disc and installed it. So you can infact save it to another does work that way. I never said save my CURRENT OS to a disc.
  3. If you got the ISO from a legit source(torrents dont count) it should be smaller than a DVD, if it isnt you will need to locate a dual layer DVD and burn it onto that, which operating system are you trying to put on the DVD?

    The issue i was having was with your wording, most people save something that have installed, and burn an ISO to a disc, sorry for the confusion.
  4. Mac OS X leopard is the one im trying to save.

    I already have a ISO Burner(that i used to put windows 7 on a disc) i just dont have a big enough disc which leads me back to my orginally question. Can i use like 2 disc or something for installion?(like 2 parts) Can i save the OS to a external hard drive and use that as like a OS installion disc? Or does it HAVE to be a dvd
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