How to replace hard drive for Acer aspire 5315

The HD of Acer Aspire 5315 needs replaced. Can someone help me with pictures?

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  1. There's a cover on the bottom of the laptop. You remove the 1 screw holding that cover in place. Under that cover you'll find the harddrive. Remove 2 screws, slide the harddrive back and lift out.

    I tried to find pictures for you, but all I found were top and side shots.
  2. Hello,

    When you do have the hard drive out, disconnected, list the drive manufacturer, model #, size in GB, and someone will point you to good choices for replacement.
  3. I replaced the harddrive in my Aspire 5315 with this one:

    Worked fine until Windows had to be reloaded... Seems Acer's software has issues when the harddrive has been replaced.
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