I think this is motherboard problem help me out?

The first time this happened I was in-game (Vanguard Saga of Heros to be exact). Anywho I was in game and my monitor lost signal as there could be nothing i can do without picture I went to shut off my computer manually opened the flip cover and noticed my DVD-player light was on like it was in use. I tried to hit the open button nothing happened I thoughoh well and went to turn off the computer via the button on the front and not even the button would shut the computer down. This was new to me usually even the button would shut down a frozen computer. I had to shut it off by the switch on the PSU which i really hate doing. This same thing continued to happen during random times last night. The only reason i think MOBO is because the button on front didn't work to turn off the comp. Any help would be REALLY appreciated.
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  1. Could be the motherboard, but I would suspect a 'hard lock' where the OS become unresponsive. Are you running the latest video drivers for your card?

    More info on your system (OS and hardware) might be helpful.
  2. Phenom II X4 955 BE
    MSI 790GX-G65 MOBO
    Mushkin 4gig
    WD 600+G HDD
    (O.S.) Windows Vista 64

    Theres the specs... I would have HDD or OS first but like i said both HDD and OS problem/lock ups won't prevent manual shut down. oh and yes drivers are all up to date.
  3. I've seen hard locks that prevent unconditional shutdowns (via power button) before. Can you press and hold the power button for about 10 - 30 seconds to get a hard power off when this happens? Normally 10-30 seconds (depending on the motherboard) of power button press will produce a hard power off (much like flipping the rocker switch).

    Is there anything in the event logs (system or application logs)?
  4. how do i look at system or app logs...

    also it seems to do this in-games and it also just started turning off completely not just doing the freeze thing... I was just in modern warfare 2 and it compleely shut off.
  5. your lock ups are either from ur OS and the thing about your pc shutting down completely - cud be from power issue. PSU?

    Welcom to the forums!
  6. I opt for RAM or eventually a faulty graphics. So...
    Do a memtest
    Do a prime95 test
    Do a graphics system test (i.e. furmark)
    eventually clean the dust from the PC & try to reinsert the graphics or other peripherals
  7. I was thinking PSU as well but it is only like 5 month old corsair TX850W. My system was working fine for like 5 months then this just randomly happened one night.

    Trying to do process of elimination right now trying a different video card but i really don't know if trying this card will tell me if it's card or not because this card 8800GT takes WAY less power than my GTX260 so even if this fixes the problem it could still be the psu. Anywho I will try this vid card see if it works. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated until i get this figured out.
  8. well i tried new video card and it did the thing where the monitor loses signal and i have to turn it off on the PSU... so then i tried to reformat the hdd and during the reinstallation of windows it did it again lost signal, it froze, and had to shut off from psu switch.... now when i turn it on it just freezes immediately before anything happens....???? dunno??? in this instance what do i replace??? if it was HDD wouldn't it atleast show boot menu??? is it the mobo??? please any help.
  9. i noticed you have an onboard display...y not use that and see how far you get by? then u can eliminate from there...
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