Cant change voltages on asus m4a79xdt evo with phenom 2 965 black

hi im having a few problem with my bios settings, i hope some1 can help me out thanks in advance. heres the problem i have an asus m4a79xtd evo mobo with 965 cpu, iv been having a go at overclocking and have reached the max with standard voltages and wish to ajust the setting however i am unable to ajust any voltages at all in the bios. im sure i just have to set something else to alow me to change them but i dont kno what, can some1 please help me as i really want to get a bit more out of this cpu. thanks again for any help
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  1. any1?
  2. Hey equinox2012

    Listen I don't know much bout things but I'd say try contacting asus and enquiring if your board has the option to change the CPU voltage values. I did with my mobo and was told my board did not support cpu voltage adjustment.

    So if you have gone through your BIOS and you are totallh sure there is NO option for CPU voltage then contact asus then....

    Hope ya come right guy
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