OMG just help me find a SSD

I'm going to f'ing kill myself. I've tried to order 3 different SSD's and every time they say its in stock then when I order I get an email its on back order. I HAVE to decide on a different one. I'm using the computer for production work, so I need a RELIABLE SSD. So, here's where I'm at.

Initial plan, Intel 320 series 120GB SSD – Like it because its reliable, but then sold out

Back up plan, OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD – Super fast, looks awesome on paper, but I neeeeed to know its going to be reliable, and OCZ scares me on that.

Alternative, Corsair Force Series 115GB SSD – Looks pretty fast, maybe more reliable than OCZ, though not as fast as Vertex 3.

Like I said, I'd prefer reliability over pure speed. So if the Intel really is my best bet, I'll just have to hold off on getting an SSD for now and wait until it comes in stock. Brutally honest opinions welcome!
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  1. The Intel solid states drives have a well deserved reputation for reliability.

    In the United States Intel extended the Intel 320 warranties to 5 years.

    Another option is the Intel 510 series but I did not see it listed at Umart.
  2. I decided I'm just going to buy the Intel 510 Series 120GB on ebay and have it shipped over. I think thats probably the fastest and most reliable drive available isn't it? I know some may be faster, but I mean a balance of fast/reliable.
  3. Not necessary. There are several suppliers who have received stock in the past few days. I was in a number of stores in Sydney today who had stock of the Vertex 3.

    PC Case Gear are showing stock of Vertex 3 in all sizes, for example.

    OCZ Agility 3 is almost as fast as Vertex 3, and they are available at even more stores.

    Wasn't there a recall of Corsair Force drives last week?
  4. The recall wwas for the brand new Corsair Force 3.
  5. Yes... The Force 3 120GB drives were recalled by Corsair.

    I would look at the Crucial m4 as an alternative to the Intel drives, if they are available for you.
  6. Yes, the Crucial M4 is available, for about exactly the same price as the Intel 510. My concern is the reliability. This computer is going to be for photoshop/premiere/after effects projects worth a lot of money, so reliability will be much more important than pure speed for me. So if the 510 and M4 are comparable on speed, I'd definitely opt for the Intel. Pretty much unanimous agreement that Intels are the most stable and reliable, right?
  7. I'm very leary of recommending any of the Sata 3 SSD's using the SF2xxxx controller.

    From One of my previous post.
    Reliability and compatibility - Intel
    Highest performance/bragging rights Sata III Using the Sandforce 2xxx controller.
    The High end will provide a noted increase in boot time and program load over the Mid tier SSDs, However the advantage inuse is not significantly higher than the mid-level - with some exceptions/programs.

    (1) There is a BIG boost in loading your operating system and loading program, also installs goes faster.
    (2) In program performance, not a big boost.

    a word of caution on the new SATA III Sandforce controllers - If they work they are great, but there are some problems with the firmware. Corsair is doing a voluntary recall on one of theirs (Both firmware and a hardware problem). OCZ is downplaying the problem. If you look at the Newegg reviews (always take with a grain of salt) the percentage of low scores is much higher than it should be. It is across the board and not limited to a specific brand. Most problems appear to be with the newer MB chipsets (ie SB), and laptops are a real toss up as to even getting the operating system to load.

    Hate to say it but I'd go Intel for the newer SATA III SSDs.
    END (PS reread and corrected a couple of spelling problem.

    Tecmo34 recommendation of the M4 May be a viable option - I did not like the poor CG in the 300, but with trim that is not a biggy.

    PS, I have several SSDs (7). Last 2 were the Agility III. One for My Z68 Build - Works great (SOFAR), the other for SB laptop - FORGET IT). It is not the SSD itself, it's a firm ware problem that prevents loading on the laptop - It also works fine on the Z68. Based on my experience with this (Always had a good opinion of OCZ). This will probably be the last OCZ SSD.
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