Are there still any decent PCI graphics cards around?


My friend has an ancient Dell PC, with 2.5GHz P4, and 512MB RAM.
At the moment he's still using the original integrated graphics.

He installed Counter-Strike: Source the other day and it wouldn't even load.
The min specs for the game are only 1.2GHz Processor, 256MB RAM so i assume it's the integrated graphics that's the issue.
The problem is his motherboard doesn't have a PCI-E slot, just PCI.

So i'm wondering what's the best PCI card you can get these days.
(I'd prefer something ATI just because i have more experience with them)

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  1. Best PCI graphics card is probably going to be the NVidia Geforce 9500GT. A couple of steps below that would be the ATI Radeon HD4350

    -Wolf sends
  2. I installed a PCI 6200 card in a friends Dell, he noticed no difference in his FPS in games he was playing over the integrated graphics. You might look at this hierarchy chart and see if any PCI cards would give better performance.,2404-7.html

    The 9500GT at $90 would be the highest performing with the 4350, HD2400 and the x1550 below it. Probably not worth the money, or the money might better be used to upgrade the PC.
  3. Thanks for the help. I'll have a look.
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