PC leds just flicker


I am in desperate need of ideas here.
I am computer savvy but this phenomenon I have never encountered ever before.
My HTPC apparently has crashed in the middle of the night.
This morning trying to open it I found out it was not responding through RDP, no ping too.
So I decided to go see downstairs in my basement. It was lit but was emitting an intermittent led lights, the lights came from all the leds inside the case (fans, motherboard, whatever). The rythm was perfect (90bpm).
So i decided to plug it off the wall and wait. Plugged it in again but the same thing happened.
No signal comes out. No beep from the motherboard. Nothing appears on screen. All is lit, fans turns, leds blink at 90bpm. That's it.

How do you think i should proceed? :o
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  1. The "no beeps" from the motherboard should be the first problem to fix then afterwards you can fix the "no signal" problem.

    If your systems stays on, then it's probably not a short circuit or burnt out hardware, could be a simple hard drive crash or video card failure.

    What are the specs?
  2. Always good to think in team.
    So you suggest to just open it flat, disconnect pieces of hardware and try them back on one by one and see if I could get the motherboard to wake back up? Right?
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    That's the fastest way to isolate the problem - breadboarding. Before you remove the mobo, you can try to power on with just the CPU, then CPU and RAM, and if you're getting good signs all is well, then the HD.

    BTW, are you using integrated graphics or a videocard?
  4. It looks bad. Really bad.
    I removed all my connections from the MB which are:
    - nvidia 8600gts graphic card
    - asus xonar hdav 1.3 sound card
    - 1 seagate HD
    - Thermaltake Bach case (iMon board included)
    - 2 X 1Gb RAM Kingston

    The only things left connected were the CPU and its Thermaltake Ruby Orb fan.
    Even this way whenever I turned it on I could see and hear (from the fan) as if the current being fed to the motherboard was cut and back on at a very high speed of 90times/minute (measured).
    That's what was causing the flicker of the led on the fan, but also on the leds on the motherboard.
    And still no peep from the MB.
    I have never seen something like it.
    I think it is the MB.
    Could it be a faulty CPU? Could this cause this effect?
    Could it be the power supply? I mean everything is lit.
    Any idea how to close on the problem?
    I obviously cannot go and buy a new MB to eventually find out it is something else.

  5. I would suspect the PSU before the mobo. Was there a storm on the night your PC crashed? Did you have plugged into a surge supressor?
    Do you or a friend have a spare PSU? Can you test your CPU on a friend's motherboard?
    It is the kind of PSU that has a switch on the 110/220 V? The symptons are similar to a PSU that has been flipped to 220 V and only receives 110 v.

    You can also try to reset the BIOS by clearing the CMOS. Try the stock HSF in case your Thermaltake has an intermittent short.
  6. Guys, thank you for your help. Against all odds it was the MoBo.
    It just went dead. totally.
    First time I saw that.
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