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Im having trouble install Windows Vista 64 bit im getting to the, Where do you want to install windows. But im unable to click Next says Disk:0 Unallocated Space 465.8 Gb. Im completly stuck with no options just need to install then i should be able to get everything going..Any advice would be great :)
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  1. You need to allocate the space by partitioning the drive and formatting the space.
  2. Any idea how to Allocate the space im new to this?
  3. Ya it's a brand new drive just built a pc and stuck on install os.. It is not letting me do nothing will not let me click next the only thing highlighted is Refresh, Load Driver and New not seeing the Partion button :/
  4. There is an option at the bottom right, called "Drive options" click that so format the drive (usually NTFS).
  5. This may be the issue im trying to run a upgrade version of vista and its saying to use the product key you must have a genuine version of windows. Maybe thats why its not letting me select next cause its only a upgrade version :/ but im able to partion the drive just not able to select next to began the installation.
  6. I guess it is looking for old XP files, in which case you will have to install XP first to use the upgrade.
  7. Thanks for your help all figured out the problem which i was dumb to even try haha. I had a Upgrade version of vista which you have to have Windows Xp installed. I had to go out a buy Windows 7 Sp1 Full version and works flawlessly now. Appreciate all the help :P
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