Vertex 3 "Disk Read Error"

So I got the dreaded Disk Read Error, and I'm now looking for advice.

I've been running 2 60GB Vertex 2's with no problems for 8 months, and decided to give it a shot with a 120GB Vertex3 to get more space on my boot drive. It arrived a few days ago and I went on to install windows 7 and start updating drivers. Early on I got a blue screen but didn't put too much thought into it as I was still installing drivers etc. So I just planned a chkdsk and moved on. This morning the I power up the chkdsk runs, finds no errors, reboots to windows and works fine. A couple of automatic windows updates are downloaded and after installing I agree to reboot before installing office and all that jazz. After rebooting the bluescreen has happened twice while it's apparently updating the service pack; which means before it enters the OS itself. After the bluescreens there it now just gives the Disk Read Error when booting from the drive.

The thing is I never removed Windows 7 from my old 60GB drive so I can still boot into that no problem (What I'm on atm). I can see and interact with the Vertex 3 just fine now as long as it's not the boot drive. All the files are there etc. I tried to switch the cables between the vertex 2 and vertex 3 but it made no difference. I'm really confused here.

Anyway any advice is more than welcome, In the meantime I will try to run a recovery an fixmbr and that kind of stuff. Obviously the drive works, so shouldn't be a need to RMA it, on the other hand I have hardly any use for it if not for a boot drive.
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  1. Edit: Seems there's a lot of issues with the sandforce controller according to the OCZ forum... Since it's not just me having problems I guess this is not so relevant anymore...
  2. Don't waste your time looking for help at the OCZ forums. It's all user installation error according to them. When that doesn't
    work, they blame it on something else.

    Latest thing is they are now blaming Intel's RST drivers for the errors. Yet there are users that have never used the RST drivers
    having problems.

    I was warned not to buy OCZ and ignored them because the Vertex 3 is really a great product......when it works.
  3. Should of bought an intel SSD. Reliable, fast, and a track record behind it. OCZ is fail even with their decent prices. Why risk 300$ when you can risk 320$ with a better track record, and extended warranty?
  4. Yeah i heard bad things too. But m foy vertex2's have been gr wait for a firmat. Meh guess i'll wait for a firmware update..

    Oh and you can add 30% to those prices where i live :(
  5. I bought an OCZ vertex 3 MAX IOPS three weeks ago. Installed windows 7 and did all driver updates and SP1 without a hitch. Its a new computer with the 240GB OCZ as the boot drive with the following hardware:

    asus p8z68v-le MOBO
    intel 2600k CPU
    gskill 8GB 2133 CL9 RAM
    corsair force 3 60GB SSD acting as a cache drive for a 2TB HDD using intel's speed step
    ati HD6850 video

    I do all my installs on a clean table with anti-static gloves, including hard drives.

    Sent it back to the store after the computer hung unresponsive until a soft power off then rebooting and got a disk read error, OCZ drive doesn't show up in BIOS.

    So a couple days later the replacement drive comes in, I start my OS install all over again, all updates and SP1 plus all drivers and two days in I go AFK to eat, come back and the computer has hung AGAIN. I power it off and reboot and disk read error AGAIN.

    AVOID OCZ / Sandforce. (at least until they man up and point the finger at the mirror then FIX IT)
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