Free & Reliable Online File Storage???

This may even be the wrong website to post this question, but;

are there any good reliable free online storage sites that anyone here has had good experiences with?
i usually rar my files up, so it's no big deal if the site host video or anything like that.

i have a free megaupload account, and it let's me put files as large as 750MB (largest I have tried) and my files have been sitting there for almost 2 years now without anything being deleted. usually most of these type sites require some sort of download activity or your files get deleted after a specific time frame.

it seems very good from what i have mentioned, however there is no file structure what so ever. you can make folders and "copy" files from the root to those folders and that is it. you delete the root to tidy up and the copy goes with it!

i may be sounding picky, but i can't STAND the software they want you to use in order to upload content. it is nothing but a pain in the arse. i would like to just be able to upload via FTP would be great, i can set it to upload a bunch of junk and walk away. instead i have to upload one single file at a time.

i have 768k up and 10 megs down so it's not too big of a deal for upload times, but if you're anything like me, when i am on the net (usually all the time) i have several things going on at once and it is a pain to have to fiddle through a series of taskbar windows just to do this "uploading" thing... it's in my way.
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  1. whats your actual final intention? Safe Backup? Distribution of content?
  2. apache_lives said:
    whats your actual final intention? Safe Backup? Distribution of content?

    yeah safe backup more than anything, but also i work on a lot of peoples computers, and if i can just access my "work tools" software from the net, i don't have to carry around thumb drives and discs. once in a while i will put something up for a friend or family member. i will not be using it for file distribution like a rapid link or anything like that.

    thanks for your reply, apache - i forgot to mention those facts

    something else too i should add. i am looking for something possibly with password protection and preferably a terabyte or so and good download speed for me would be the 150-200k downs and up
  3. A few services I've used are, and Windows Live SkyDrive. These are the best free solutions I've found.

    Depositfiles for the random file up to 2GB that I wish to make availible to myself or others. However, this one does have the time limit of 30 days from the date of this file last download. However there is no limitation on the number of uploads you can have. No special software needed, just a web browser. for more secure storage. This however requires some software for setting up the account, but it has some useful syncing features. You can set up access to your files from web links so you can get at them from another PC.

    Windows Live SkyDrive. Free with every windows live/hotmail account. I use this quite a bit for syncing working folders between laptop/desktop. It has some useful file sharing features, but it has some limitations on file sizes that make it not quite and all in one solution.

    Try these out, I haven't found a free all in one service solution yet.
  4. IMHO any phrase with the words "reliable" and "free" is an oxymoron.
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    sminlal said:
    IMHO any phrase with the words "reliable" and "free" is an oxymoron.

    More or less, generally in life, you get what you pay for. However, there are good services out there. You just have to understand that usually the "free" part is the hook, usually the better or premium part of the services are what usually call for you to open your wallet.
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  7. i am just gonna stick with megaupload and zshare. they have each been there for over 2 years for me (free user). Thanks, all.
  8. hahaha a response after 2 years. wow man megaupload has been dead for how long?
    hell i don't even know if zshare is still around LOL

    However. thanks for your reply Brett. I appreciate it.

    I um started this thread a long time ago because I had come to a conclusion that storing online was the only solution to share/transfer files to my buddy in Montana (I live in nevada); so VPN's and all those "file transfer" programs are junk.
    I just found it hard to believe that in this "modern" day and age I can't just connect to another computer - link to link. VPN's were the closest thing I could find, but the only problem was I couldn't just share a folder or a file, I had to share the whole drive, or the whole computer; and that i was not interested in.
    PM me if you have a solution to keep this thread about online storage (i don't even know why this thread is still open...

    Again thanks for your input Brett.

    EDIT: Oh yeah i forgot to mention, yeah cloud storage is pretty much how things are going, but I am not interested in promoting it.
    I believe cloud technology is nothing more than a test run to put all data on a central computer that everyone connects to with just simply a screen or something like a tablet or pocket device. Those devices will be a hundred times more powerful than the computers we have now because we won't need hard drives, mass memory, etc. ALL your data will be kept by a higher "authority" computer that you will be able to access world wide... and yeah, they will charge you to access you own data for a monthly fee LOL.
    LOL I just read yesterday how Google is getting sued by the French and Chinese for mass copying and redistributing of ebooks without permission(s) and actually reselling without rights or permission and keeping all the profits.
    Maybe Google will be that big "authorative" computer i mentioned LOL
  9. You can try what I've done for many years: create a gmail/hotmail account and email yourself the file.
  10. popatim said:
    You can try what I've done for many years: create a gmail/hotmail account and email yourself the file.

    wel that's what i mean, upload speed is slow so if i am going to upload, why not just directly to a person versus a website that may end up deleting after 30 days or whatever.
    you know you can have more than one gmail account. no need for a forsaken hotmail acct. G-Drive is what i have been using - it's 5GB is all, but works sorta.
    thanks though.
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