Finnaly done with build, what to do after first post?

Finnaly done with my build

Missing some stuff on the list because the items arent on newegg, gonna get a HP w2558hc monitor, and a razor keyboard and mouse. No GPU's since lack of funds =/, but ill probably get an ati 5000 once i do get the money. Oh, and i do think im missing a socket 1366 socket mount for the Sunbeam core contact, and a PSU extension cord.

Feel free to comment and suggest on my build.

As much as i know (my first time im EVER building a computer), im gonna have to go into BIOS and set up my drives and such, turn floppy off (watching youtube vids = win :P), gonna put in my windows 7 RC disk in and i guess before going on teh internets gonna download my antivirus, which i still have to pick. I guess im gonna have to run some tests, like memtest and CPUID, which version of CPUID should i download? Same with memtest. Any other tests before i actually start doing things on my computer?
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  1. not without a GPU you arent doing any of it. The x58 chipset does not have onboard. Either get a cheap PCI-E gpu or hold off on buying and building until you can afford the GPU.
  2. You havent started with your build yet.
    All you have is a bunch of parts on a list.

    Do you want help with getting a nice Complete system for your $1575.00?
  3. Along with a pretty crappy power supply, get a corsair 750TX, hold off on the SSD until the second gen ones come out and pick up an XFX 4890, it still puts you well inside of budget but instead of having a $1500 chunk of metal and plastic you get a functional computer.
  4. +1^^^

    Wow, you can save enough by changing the case and PSU to afford a GPU.
  5. its obvously gonna be more than 1500 because im missing a couple of things...

    What do you mean by the second gen SSD, and yes i have considered the corsair 750w but seeing how the 5000 GPU's and coming out, you'd assume they need more power. As i explained i dont have all the parts on the list because newegg doesent have them...And thank you for that comment on buying a GPU, i thought all MBs had integrated graphics cards.
  6. You currently have this one listed
    The second generation Intel SSDs are 34nm so they perform better, use less power, and generate less heat, there was a minor firmware bug so they got pulled but they will be back on the market in a couple weeks, and cost less than the first generation ones.

    The kingwin PSU has poor ripple suppression, it did alright, it got an 8 at jonnyguru, but there are other significantly better power supplies out there for alot less. The next generation of GPUs will be using 40nm chips instead of the current 55nm chips. This allows them to provide more performance for the same power, the power requirements for each generation tend to be about the same, the same way that processors provide better and better performance at the same power usage.

    only nvidia chipsets, and chipsets from intel and amd with a G in them contain graphics such as the 780g and the g41, they all contain integrated audio and ethernet.
  7. i see, i guess ill go back to the corsair 750w, only reason i picked the kingwin was because of the LED's and it had more power, me assuming new generation GPUs take me power. I can hold down on the SSD, but what troubles me is ill have problems once i buy it, ill use the WD Black ATM but how will i transfer the information to the SSD and reformat it to the way i want?

    I updated my wish list, deleted the SSD and changed the PSU, although i dunno if i should add the 4890 toxic or just buy a crappier card and wait for the 5000's
  8. Here is the Combo deal for P6T Deluxe/ i7 920 Save $25.00

    Antec 900 case/ TruePower 750w 80+Bronze Save $$$$$
    You might be able to apply another $10 off with promo code ANTECAUG
  9. i can get the i7 for 200$ at microcenter and the P6T Deluxe V2 for 240$, thats 140$ cheaper than newegg prices. Why would i switch out for a mid tower case when i can have a full tower?
  10. You must have failed your math class.
  11. If you have nothing to say, what is the point of posting? Nor if you have nothing nice to say, no need to comment. Casual price of the i7 920 on newegg is 280, and the one in microcenter is 200, P6T deluxe v2 is 300, and i have my ways of getting things cheaper. No need for your useless post, and no, i did not fail math class, im quite good at math
  12. computernewbie said:
    i can get the i7 for 200$ at microcenter and the P6T Deluxe V2 for 240$, thats 140$ cheaper than newegg prices. Why would i switch out for a mid tower case when i can have a full tower?

    what do you think the advantages of a full tower case are as compared to a mid tower?
  13. The antec 900 is most of the way to a full tower while being a hell of alot cheaper. With the combo i would take it over the 1200, i doubt you need the added space especially not at the price premium.
  14. daship said:

    Idiotic posts? How are they idiotic? They are questions that i needed answered, seeing how i had absolutely no experience in computers, litteraly none. The only one who makes himself look like an ass is the one trashing anothers thread.

    I picked the 1200 because it has more space and more fans. I simply would prefer more space so i can upgrade my PC in the future, and also get some cable managment going on

    And by finished build i meant as the items that i were going to assemble we're complete, i just wanted to speculate if there were any suggestions that i should think about and what kind of tests i should run after first post
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