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Best <$15 120mm Fan

What's the best 120mm fan to work along with a stock Hyper 212 Evo fan? <$15
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  1. I'll say another fan as closely matched to the original as possible.
  2. Should the CFM or the RPM be more closely matched?
  3. 1) The cheapest fan is the one you don't buy. The hyper212 should be fine without a second fan.

    2) If you do want to try a second fan, look for a yate loon fan. They are very good, quiet and cheap. Think $5
  4. I thought the fans had to be similar?
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    samuelspark said:
    I thought the fans had to be similar?

    There is nothing exotic going on. If it is a 120mm fan, it will fit physically.

    One issue will be how to power it.
    You might buy a splitter if you intend to vary the fan speed via motherboard control.
    The simplest would be to plug it in to the psu and run it at a constant speed.

    If you have not yet built the rig, I suggest you just try the supplied fan first.
    If you think you need more, it is not hard to do so later.
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