High CPU usage windows 7

hey i m on w7(64bit) and i have a quad core processor 2.6ghz atm

but the important part is that the cpu usage is around 80% on one core and around 30% on another.

the resource manager says its 15% system procces and 10% system interrupts

when i turn off my onboarad realtek NIC (lan) it drops back to 0-1% usage on all core.

the problem is im using that to connect to my modem and to internet so its not an option to disable it.
what i did?:

- installed new NIC drivers/ uninstalled. let to use windows default one . (no luck)

any info/tip/opinion is appreciated , feel free to drop by and comment.

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  1. Are you worried about the overall performance the NIC needs (in that case, what modem are you using?) or are you worried about one core being loaded much higher than the others (which is perfectly ok)?
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