I can't find anything on the Presario_RP (D)
Fat 32, every thing comes up Vista, I don't have Vista. I have XP
I am getting the low stroage message and want to clear out everything except "Factory Restore'
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  1. Hello,

    Possibly you have a virus/es or malware that has changed your system drive, or filled up you hard drive.

    With most HP's, to restore your Presaria_RP back to factory settings press F10 when starting the computer to put you into
    HP's recovery process.

    You might review your user manual and it will explain how to do this in more detail. Remember when you restore it back to factory like new settings, you won't have any programs or files you added since your purchased it.
  2. Thanks John,
    I'm working thru the manual now. but slow going,
    aside from the annoying pop up, it seems to be working ok.
    I don't really want to put the computer back to factory settings.
    I'd just like to delete all the files that have accidentally been put in that area, just leaving the fat32 partition.
    Thanks again.
  3. Hi Louri,

    Take a step back, and give us more detailed information about your computer, make =HP, Model = Presario RP, CPU, HDD's, how set up, size, how much free space left, what you mean by a pop-up etc. OS = Win-XP SP3? Then exactly what has happened and if it is acting unusually, other than the disk full msg.
    Could be just a good cleaning of your temp and Temp Internet files may be the answer.

    Do you empty your temp internet files on a regular basis? Also do you by chance have CCleaner on your computer.

    That may give the group a better insight as to how to solve this problem
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