Possible to remove components from a studio slim

Is this even possible? I just want to take everything out and put it into a new case so I can get a proper gpu and not those low profile gpu's. The setup would be for gaming. Would I have to get anything else new so It would be compatible or even work with a new gpu? Current setup: Intel core 2 duo CPU @ 2.66GHZ 4GB Ram Studio Slim Case
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  1. It doesn't seem like it'd be a problem, except for the power supply. Be sure to buy a new one with enough amperage on the 12V rail. Also, the Dell PSU is a proprietary form factor, so it wouldn't fit in a standard ATX case anyway.
    There shouldn't be any problems running whatever video card you like so long as the power supply is sufficient.
    Also, here's a review with some pictures of the Studio Slim's innards: http://www.desktopreview.com/default.asp?newsID=530&Review=Dell+Studio+Slim
  2. Thanks, just wanted to make sure before I bought a new case and graphics card. Will make sure to look through PSU's too!
  3. What kind of graphics card are planning on buying?
  4. I haven't decided yet, but I didn't want to restrict my self to a low profile card.
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