Building a gaming pc for about 650 to 700

hello i live in the uk and i want to build a new pc this will be my first pc build and i am going to play games such as cod4 maby cod5 and css and tf2 and fallout3 ok i would like a list of parts that would work together and i would like to buy off amizon and ebuyer thank you for your time.
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  1. Please edit your post into the format shown here

    Its hard to suggest parts without knowing more information.
  2. all i want is a list of parts that will go together well for 650 to 700£ ok plz just tell me a list of the parts and i will be happy ok ty
  3. I cannot without knowing your monitor resolution. If you edit it into the format shown in that template you will get several people helping you find the best deals on the best parts for your needs.
  4. serveral really ? =p
    but yea youll less likely get ignore if you follow the prompt, but you should also search around. alot of poeple are trying to go for the <$700 rigs.
    heres some.
    good luck
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