Will the Nvidia Geforce GTX 250 work on my Intel DG33FB motherboard?

Will the Nvidia Geforce GTX 250 work on my Intel DG33FB motherboard? I'm going to purchase it and i want to have your opinions, also wanted to know if i can play Unreal Tournament 3, Call Of Duty 4 and Crysis with full screen antialising and all the other 3D features on.....its just that i have a little amount of money so i want to make sure i make maximum use of it.....But if anyone is kind enough i would accept any donations of VGA cards....Please consider...Thanx...:)
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  1. Heres my email, contact me if you can offer k......ludakon@hotmail.com
  2. Please Reply 2 this....Im really in need of advice...
  3. -Any PCI express card should work with any motherboard with PCI express slot, just check your power supply because to install a GTS 250 you need at least a good 450W power supply.

    -GTS 250 can play almost any modern game at 1680x1050, but I am not sure that you can turn on AA with crysis, however, the HD 4870 is similar in price but offers higher performance.
  4. Yes i do have the PCI Express slot...but theres a thing called PCI Express 2.0 right? I do have the PCI Express slot, but to the best of my knowledge theres 16x thinggy...Im relly worried that this VGA wouldnt work....Please give me a solution...are you sure that my PCI express (which doesnt show anything with 2.0) will work with this card? Thanx a lot for this advices...:)
  5. PCI express 2.0 cards are backward compatible with PCI express 1.1 motherboards (and vice versa), you just won't benefit from the increased bandwidth of the PCI express 2.0 (anyway, that should not result in a significant performance hit for the GTS 250).
  6. Here's some light reading on the subject of PCI Express:


    You will not be able to play Crysis with AA enabled at good framerates, even at a low resolution with a GTS250, even the HD4870 will struggle in places with AA enabled, unless you lower the details somewhat.
    Check the powersupply in your system can cope with the upgrade! Post its details, please.
  7. So that means buying the GTX 250 Nvidia GEforce is definitely going to work on my DG33FB motherboard right?
  8. Yes, that's true. I currently have 9800 GT (PCI express 2.0) working with a G31 board (PCI express 1.1).
  9. THanx a lot man.....much appreciated...:)...Take Care...Peace...
  10. is it working fine... i m also having dg33fb board and want to play resident evil 5 ... will it run with inbuilt video memory or i should go for a graphics card... if i should upgrade to a new graphics card then which one will fit with my system ... and it should give best performance...
  11. I still didnt get a VGA, Ill be getting it by December.. I will let you knw...But best if you go for a VGA...:D
  12. hi all,i am going to buy a XFX gtx 275 with asus 750wpsu.but my motherboard is gigabyte 945gcmx s2 with intel c2d e4600 so will this 2 bottle neck gtx 275..plz some body help me..thanks
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