Subwoofer does not work after Win7 upgrade - Realtek ALC888

Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I cannot get my sub woofer to work for the life of me in windows 7 using realtek alc888 driver.

-The subwoofer works fine in the speaker test
- Does not work when playing music from vlc/itunes/firefox

Some people have been enabling "bass management" to get it to work, but this unfortunately makes my AV40's less bassy which is not good.

Running 2 M-Audio Av40's in stereo + and old creative subwoofer

It worked fine in XP before the upgrade. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers multiple times.

Seems that there is a lot of people with this issue, does anyone know a solution?
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  1. try different drivers?
  2. like what? I have been trying to find alternative drivers instead of the realtek ones. I downloaded the realtek ones directly from realtek and from gigabyte(my motherboard) both did not work.
  3. Same to me, i can't find a precise driver for my realtek...
    On win XP it runs great, but when upgrading to win 7 the problem start, much more like u...
    I have tried to uninstalled and installed it again with different driver but doesn't make any progress.
    the output sound is very Terrible!!!
  4. hah Well if I just have 2.0 running without the sub its fine, but I find with music the AV40's needs just a LITTLE push with the bass... so yeah it kinda sucks I cant get the sub to work.

    I called acer support(just to see what they'd say) and they told me microsoft has an internal article and it is a known issue... and I would also have to wait till they fix it.
  5. give the asio4all drivers a go
  6. Tried these drivers, unfortunately the same thing happened. Sub works when doing the speaker test, but does not work when playing music.
  7. same to me... T.T
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