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  1. Something about mentioning not able to add extra ram or something?

    Also, should I get the Asus P6T flavor over the Gigabyte?

    I heard the linksys is really firmware upgradeable.....it's either btw that or the D-link 655...
  2. The RAM thing is only an issue if you plan to go over 6 GB, which I don't think you are planning to do? (thread was tl;dr) Otherwise, the UD3R should be perfectly adequate. Unless your house is enormous, you should be fine with the linksys.
  3. I'm probably not going over 6gb (I've ben using 2gb for 2 yrs now). Is that the only thing the UD4P has over the UD3R, ram upgrade? It's not a whole new cooler design or something?

    House is ~2000 sq ft, two floors.
  4. And it doesnt matter if I go Gigabyte or Asus (P6T?), right? What advantages does the Asus board have?
  5. They both make really good motherboards. Either one would be a good choice.
  6. Okay - also, are the ATI 5xxx cards going to be better, much faster? When is it coming out? I have a 9600GT lying around right now, and would be be wise to hold off the GTX 275 for right now? I heard the 5xxx are coming out in Sept-Oct...
  7. In that case, I don't need to get the Corsair Dominator ram, then...since it was a combo with the GTX 275
  8. Anyone reccommend better RAM then? Also about my GPU dilemma above..

    Oh yes,I just got Windows 7 TRM 64bit, so that's the OS.
  9. deusex said:
    I'm probably not going over 6gb (I've ben using 2gb for 2 yrs now). Is that the only thing the UD4P has over the UD3R, ram upgrade? It's not a whole new cooler design or something?

    House is ~2000 sq ft, two floors.

    The router will work fine. And yeah, the only important difference here would be that the UD3R only has 4 RAM slots, so going over 6GB would slow you down as they wouldn't be triple channel anymore. The 5870 should be significantly faster and push prices down on everything else a good deal, with a less than a month before they come out, you might want to wait.
  10. how did you get windows 7 RTM? Use your 9800 for the mean time and wait for the new GPUs, you can expect them to be twice as fast
  11. Okay, I'll go ahead and order everything except the GPU, and use my 9600GT until the 5xxx comes out next month.

    Anyone can confirm with Mierin's opinion, that the only thing I get from the UD4P over the UD3R is the extra ram slots? In that case, I'll save ~$60. Also, I think I'll get the X58 Gigabyte board + Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 combo ($30 off).

    Please tell me soon!! I'm ordering within the hour, before I'm leaving the office. Thanks!!

    So right now:

    either GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R ($175) or GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD4P ($240)

    Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 ($187-$30 combo)

    XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V ($45)

    Also does it matter which Linksys I get, WRT54GL or WRT54G2?
  12. The WRT54G2 is newer.
  13. I meant any technical differences, besides the cosmetics. Also, can it be DDR-WRT flashed?
  14. It's slightly faster, and can be flashed. As far as your board goes, I'm nearly positive the only noticeable difference is the RAM slots. Your build is nearly identical to mine, and mine works perfectly. If you do go with the UD3R, remember to hide the windows update for the realtek NIC, it (the update) has some problems and doesn't need updating.
  15. Just waiting for a confirmation here by everyone else...this would save me $60

    Both UD3R and UD4P can be comboed with the Corsair Dominator for $30 off...

    So the WRT54G2 is actually slightly faster in terms of throughput?
  16. hmm...it looks like that the G2 has only half the flash memory as the GL....?
  17. Yeah, since you plan on flashing it (I assume), you'd probably be better off with the GL. Slightly slower CPU speed, but that should be offset.
  18. Also, I think I can afford the Asus P6T Deluxe V2, there's a $40 off combo with the Corsair Dom, the Gigabyte has a $25 combo off......so what do I get?
  19. Buying in 30 min!
  20. you cant go wrong with the P6T Deluxe or the UD4P both are grate boards
  21. So it doesnt matter? Which one has more better features? Also, should I consider the UD3R?
  22. Link


    RAM 4 slots vs 6
    chipset cooling
    3 pciE slots VS 2
    UD4P gets the upgraded ALC889a

    hope this helps :)
  23. Niklas_13 said:


    RAM 4 slots vs 6
    chipset cooling
    3 pciE slots VS 2
    UD4P gets the upgraded ALC889a

    hope this helps :)

    Basically, if you want 3-way SLI or more than 6 gigs of RAM, go with the UD4P. Since you don't, you're good with the UD3R :)
  24. Well, other than those, I'm using an X-Fi card (so the upgraded audio is useless)..

    That leaves the cooling... Is it a marginal upgrade from the UD3R? If not then I'll go for the UD3R. If so, then I'll consider the UD4P (although like I said its $60 difference)....

    Do I really need more than 6gb of ram in the next 2-3 yrs?...I mean, I've been using 512mb for 3 yrs, and only just used 2gb in the last year or so....

    I will definitely not go tri-SLI (althoug maybe SLI or Xfire)....that reminds me, either Gigabyte board can do SLI and X-fire, right? Was hoping to either grab a ATI 5xxx later or a price slashed GTX 275...and another one later
  25. see deusex, this is why you take your time finding out whats best for you....not rushing everyone in the last second, gee, wouldent that be smarter?

    Screw the deals, dont downgrade because you can save some money. Why go with the dominators when the OCZ Platinum has a lower CAS latency. The Asus P6T Deluxe V2 is an excellent motherboard, if your using 6 GB in triple channel, that is. No, you dont need more than 6GB unless your one of those people who dont take the time the cancel out browsers. 6GB is the optimal amount for gaming...Just go with the P6T, its a great MB, and seriously, use google, its much faster. All X58 motherboards can support SLI and X-fire. Just use a shitty graphics card for now unless you "really" want to play games, and just buy the 5870 when it comes out.

    And its been 5 days since you started this thread...why are you rushing everyone when your taking your sweet time picking out last second parts?

    EDIT : The gigabyte boards dont support 1600mhz memory, so your dominators would be underclocked, but the Asus P6t Deluxe V2 supports it, also the asus is a great OC'ing MB, has 16+ phase power or something like that
  26. Well, the Platinums were regularly in the 70-80 range a month ago, now it's at $140...

    I've been waiting for this purchase for almost 2 yrs, and I want to make sure I get the right parts...if I was seemed a bit anxious, it's probably because I'm worried I'm going to not choose the right part (like my dilemma btw gigabyte and asus boards)...

    You just told me about the Gigabyte boards not supporting 1600mhz ram...that's a serious issue, right? Then why did people suggest the gigabyte boards at all, if my ram wouldnt perform up to par with it? Will the gigabyte really throttle the ram?

    I see an openbox ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 for $204 on newegg....

    Also, why is the P6T Deluxe called the V2? Was there something wrong with the original? Is it a revision?
  27. the V2 has like one less SATA slot, not a big deal. Im not sure the differences between the two. Gigabyte supports 2100+ memory, which is good.
  28. So is this a coke and pepsi issue now..?

    Okay, I guess I'll take the one with the better mobo layout....which one then?

    I can either get the UD4P and the Corsair Dominator combo for $25 off (UD4P being $240), or the P6T Deluxe V2 and Corsair Dominator for $40 off (P6T Deluxe V2 being $290). The Asus will end up being $35 more. Which one should I get, then? I've worked around both Gigabyte and Asus boards, both are great...
  29. heres how to simply look at it, pick the one thats better looking ;D, why do you think people pick the antec 1200 over the HAF 932? Antec 1200 is shiiiiiny.

    Both are good MB's, i think asus overclocks better tho..
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  31. ^+1
  32. lol...I guess I'm going to get the Asus P6T Deluxe V2, since it has an eSata port....
  33. Okay bought the Asus P6T Deluxe V2 + Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 (combo for $40 off), making the P6T Deluxe V2 $269 and Corsair $167. Add 10% Bing, and I get the Asus for $242 and Corsair for $150. Also added a Xigmatek Dark Knight for $40.
  34. Sounds good
  35. Also, quick question, I have a WD 640GB Blue drive now, if I get a black 640GB, can I do RAID 0?
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