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OK, so i finally decided to build my own gaming pc. Like everybody else I want something that can kick Crysis's ass XD. But I also work with a lot of 3d graphics and other heavy duty programs. Sometimes I will need 3Ds Max, Photoshop CS4, Sony Vegas, and probably other things all open at once (that is my reason for the quad core) My only true main concerns about this build are the - cpu, motherboard, and graphics card)

My budget is also strictly around $1000

I've looked all over the net and this is what i came up with this.........


-DVD Drive-

-Hard Drive-

-Graphics Card-

-Power Source-




(not entirely sure about this site though....)
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  1. Get vista 64 bit with the upgrade coupon to windows 7 from newegg. What resolution are you going to be playing at?

    Swap the HDD out for this, its $5 more but its a single platter so it will be faster

    Swap the PSU out for this one, the little red switch on the back of the one you linked it a very bad sign. Same price after MIR.

    Depending on your resolution i would change out your GPU, you can get a 4870 for less.

    For 460 you can easily get an AMD 955 build with DDR3 so you will be able to upgrade it in the future.
    Comes to $421 before $15 MIR, saving you 54, if you do go with the AMD build i definitely suggest an ATI card so you can crossfire in the future.
  2. Hmmm... seems solid enough but i'd recommend a core i7 instead of your current choice of cpu. i7 would be more powerful and similarily priced.this means getting a new mobo, but there are some great x58 mobos out there which arent too expensive. this will future proof your system a good bit, also most x58s suppore sli or xfire, which gives you more upgrade choices.
    not to mention i7s ocing potential...

    if your willing to lay down some more money, id recommend getting a bigger psu.
    yes nearly double the price, but it will last you tripple the time...
  3. Link to an i7 setup that would keep him under budget if you could, im curious to see it(i suck at finding the budget i7 boards)

    Why pay 140 for a PSU when the Corsair 750TX is just as strong and only 120 with a 20 MIR, or he can get a TP-750 combo'd with his case for significantly less
  4. the best deal i can find is still 100$ more than his current one, but i still think it's the best bang for buck option. its open box, but that usually just means it was on display at an exhibition or something, so nothing to worry about.
  5. I don't think an i7 is appropriate for his budget if he plans on gaming. He would have to increase his budget by roughly $120 dollars to get an i7. On the other hand, FoxFlames, you may consider this budget increase worthwhile. The i7 920 is truly superb. With a descent air cooler, you could overclock to 4 ghz without voltage increase (if you get a D0 stepping model). Otherwise, I recommend you get a AMD Phenom II model. It is faster and cheaper than an Quad core Q9650. It also had more upgrade potential, since the lga 775 socket is basically dead (the core 2 socket). Either way you go, you won't be disappointed by the performance. Good luck!
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