Using 26" HDTV as my monitor... resolution problems.

Greetings All!
I was hoping someone could help me out... I got a new PC and for some reason, I'm not quite pleased with the resolution output on my LG 26" HDTV i use as a monitor.

The previous PC was fine. It was crisp and legible, and WoW looked great on it.

This new PC has Vista Home SP1, and a better video card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275). I use a DVI-2-HDMI cable.

The resolution I currently have is 1280x768, but I'm not quite satisfied. It looks slightly "off". I can't put my finger on it, but it's just not quite right. :??: I've tried other res's but none look right. :(

Any ideas how I can address?? should I be trying a different resolution? could it be my card?
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  1. update... I just moved it to 1360x768 and it still looks a bit "crunchy"... like on font... :\
  2. Test it on its native resolution. You wont get quiet as crisp text on a tv as the pixels have to be bigger to cover the screen so the detail isnt quite as fine, normally a 26" monitor would be 1920x1200 and 1360x768 resolution would be on an 18" monitor so the pixels are far larger than they would be on a monitor. Its the trade off you get for a larger screen. Nothing wrong with either component its just the way life works.
  3. Have you turned 'clear type' on?
  4. The native resolution makes the screen uber small, icons extra fuzzy, and words completely illegible. 1360x768 is decent though. Is it my imagination that it used to look better with my previous PC?

    Mousemonkey, are you being serious? I don't know about clear type...
  5. Depending which OS you are using will determine where you will find the option, on XP & Vista right click on desktop > properties > appearance > effects > 2nd box down change from standard to clear type and apply.
  6. Thanks mousemonkey~~
    Found it... and it was already checked off.

    I'm sorta sad and frustrated. I almost want to say that it's Vista. I swear it all looked kosher on my old PC with XP. /cry
  7. What's the native res of that tv?
  8. Mousemonkey said:
    What's the native res of that tv?

    The native res pops up initially as 1920x1200.... but it's blurry and tiny... illegible, really.
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    I wonder if it's the DVI/HDMI connector?, the amount of installs I've done where a dodgy connector threw up weird issues that seemed to be caused by something else is far too numerous to mention, what about the cable has it been crushed at any point?
  10. Thanks for the responses guys.

    I actually ordered another cable (DVI-HDMI) after reading your last post, Monkey. It should be here today and I'll test it.

    Do you think a DVI to RGB would be better? My brother -who has an older PC with XP, and a 32" HDTV as a monitor- uses an RGB cable and his screen looks damn good at a 1360x768 resolution.
  11. Well... the other cable didn't make a difference. I just ordered a DVI-RGB (like my brother is using). Lets see what happens then... :]
  12. Well... I give up. The RGB (VGA whatever) - DVI cable didn't do squat for me. All it did was restrict my resolution. bah~ I'll have to live with it since I don't see me buying a 26" monitor any time soon. :sweat:

    Thanks guys.
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