New build repeat powers on and off every 2-3 secs

I just finished a new build and trying to boot for the first time. Its doing something strange. I turn it on and it begins to start for about 2-3 secs, then it turns off and repeats this non stop. Never posting or booting. Power lights and fans come on for those 3 secs then off again. No beeps or nothing, just this same cycle on and off. Had six sticks of memory in it and went down to 1 and same thing. Had two video cards in it, and went down to one and same thing. Any ideas?

Intel 975 cpu i7
gigabyte Ex-58 extreme
BFG 295 video card
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  1. Please post FULL system specs, link to the PSU please. Also go through this checklist, number 2 is the most common
  2. corsair 1000watt HW1000w psu
    Kingston khx14400d3/1g and on the supported memory list for the motherboard 1gb/ stick 1800MHz DDR3 Non-ECC Low Latency CL8
  3. Omitting the CPU power connector would not cause the endless reboot cycle. System would just try to come up once and just sit there.

    More likely, there's a short somewhere. Look especially close at #3 and #16, then work through the troubleshooting ideas after the checklist.
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