MSI H67MA-E45 or MSI P67A-C45?

i wanna get a good motherboard for my i7-2600k, and im deciding which motherboard will be better to get for overclocking. in terms of price, he h67 model is only $10 more expensive, so the price consideration can be factored out :D.

so which motherboard should i get and why?
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  1. Don't get an H67 board. The multiplier is locked. You will not be able to overclock with an H67 board.

    Buy P67 or Z68. If need to use the on chip graphics you will need Z68, otherwise whichever you can get a better deal on (P67 or Z68) would work for your purposes.

    What are the other needs you have? (Sata ports, SLI/Crossfire compatibly, etc usb 3.0, etc)
  2. hmm than i think i will get the p67 than to be safe. hmm, the p67 model i mentioned has usb 3.0 and sata ports etc, it just does not have SLI/crossfire compatibly which is okay as im not planning to get 2 graphic cards haha.

    just to ask for your advice, what else should i look for when getting a motherboard for gaming?
  3. Well, you want to get a brand that you trust, I personally have used Asus and MSI and have had good results with both. ASRock and Gigabyte are also good brands.

    Then read reviews. Some boards are popular for a reason. Look for good customer reviews, or professional reviews on sites like this one.
  4. Gigabyte has a better Warranty than most other brands so if your gonna OC then it's a much safer option (Gigabyte Fanboy)
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