New System Build - Need Help Please!

Hi, I am building a computer (first timer), and I wanted to know what you all think. Here is what I have so far. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

GPU $215
DVD $33
HDD $95
CPU $280
MB $290
PSU $100
RAM $125
OS and CASE $165

The purpose of the computer is to hook it up to a 1080p (would 720p be acceptable?) flat panel lcd to enjoy movies and do some gaming/photo/music stuff. Thanks! And any suggestions for a TV (around 40-52" is what I'm looking for). I want this to be wireless, can anyone recommend a wireless internet card for my build? And, since I’ve never built a computer before, do I need any tools, gloves, or precautions I should know of? Any other components that I'm missing? Ty
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    Looks good except your DVD drive is not .com.

    All you need is a #2 non magnetized phillips screw driver and an area free of carpet or other static producing surfaces.

    Also a few more combos
  2. Kinda pricey, but Samsungs are good TVs.
    46''. If you want to go higher, I'd suggest a Sony Bravia.

    And for the wireless card, personally I use a USB receiver, and I get 2mbs download sitting right next to the router, and 500kbs 100ft away.
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