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I want to overclock my cpu to 4ghz. I currently have the i7 920 CORSAIR H100 (CWCH100) Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler, asus sabertooth x58 motherboard. I have 8gb of 1333 ram not sure if i need to upgrade my memory to get that clock speed?

Any recommendations?
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    First thing is, not all 920's can get to 4.0ghz. Most probably will, but not guaranteed.

    To try to get 4.0 you're going to need quite a bit of tweaking with your setup. Yes the ram is a little bit of a problem, but you might be able to get it stable anyway.

    You will have to basically overclock your ram or under clock it. In this case overclocking might prove to be easier. The reason is, the uncore value should be around two times the ram frequency. If you pick the lowest ram setting, the nearest uncore is more like 3 times ram speed. You may or may not be able to get this stable that way.

    The other option is to overclock the ram while keeping a nice 2 to 1 ratio with the uncore. You can try making the timings higher to help with the higher clocks.

    BTW, I'm using BLCK of around 190 with turbo on for this, if you turn turbo off, you'll need 200 BCLK, and I'm not sure your ram will be able to do that.
  2. I can get different memory if you think I will get a more stable system.
  3. I hate spending other peoples money. I would try with what you have first then make a decision. I would think 3.6 to 3.8 will work with your ram with some tweaking, and you'll save money. Not really worth buying new ram for a 200mhz IMO.
  4. I have seen a lot of inprovement with ocerclocking my system I cant seem to get it higher than 3.7 GHZ without getting Blue screen. I looked up the cpu I have its the i7 920 D0 is the cpu i have and running 1066 memeory. I was thinking if i got differnet memory it would help get 4GHZ
  5. That's up to you, there's no guarantee you will get 4.0ghz or more, even with 1600nhz ram.
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