Nvlddmkm - Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered.

Every game i play, except for couterstrike, in game it will freeze and/or checkerboard on the entire screen over the graphics, THEN freeze, followed by the screen going black for a few seconds, it keeps doing this repeadedly. When i hit the windows key, or even exit the program, in the bottom right taskbar it shows a yellwo triangle with a "!" inside it, and states "The display driver nvlddmkm has stopped responding and has recovered." I cannot play ANY games due to this annoying problem. I have done multiple re-formats on my PC, as well as making sure all my drivers are up to date, as well as tried multiple old drivers, including the original ones that came on the CD included with my video cards...

Here are my custom self built PC specs:

-5x Blue Led 120mm Fans + Built in Antec Case Top Located 200mm fan (pretty well cooled air system, dont think OH is a prob)
-Zalman Blue LED Copper CPU Fan For Core2 Quad CPU

-Windows Vista Home Premium - 32 bit - Service Pack 2

-500W Chrome ULTRA Blue Led Power supply (w/plug in as needed power cords)

-EVGA NForce 750i SLI FTW Mainboard
-Intel Core2 Quad Core Processor @ 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
-Seagate 160GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA 8MB Cache Hard Drive
-2x PNY Nvidia 9800 GT Video Cards, PCI Expressx16 in SLI Mode w/Physx Enabled (1x 6pin power supply cord each)
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  1. Dude you keep reposting this,

    How are the cards temps?
  2. sorry... like i said, my display is giving me issues... i just deleted all my other threads... sorry. temps are fine im pretty sure... idk how to tell to be honest... any good free software? i have 2 fans sucking in air and blowing directly onto my vid cards/mainboard/processor, but my power supply fan is facing my bottom card, idk if that fan blows onto it, or sucks air in, seeing how the fan in back of the power supply id imagine blows out, since the top fan would be sucking air IN...
  3. Go to Nvidia's website and download the latest drivers for your the 750 motherboard. It is a driver issue with the motherboard not the video cards... I have lived through this since one time I had a 750 MOBO. It has something to do with the original drivers and SATA DVD's... Try and it should work...

    As for a good free temp. software, check my thread list in my signature. I have listed all the ones you would need.
  4. hmmm... no kidden... well heres the deal with the mainboard drivers... it first reccommends 15.25, so i install them... which is wat i have installed now with these new problems... once i have 15.25 installed, it then reccommends 15.23... ill try the 15.23 ones now... lemme see if that works... ty.
  5. now its prompting me to install the ide sw storage driver... if i recall, i believe this is the part that used to give me issues on my old mainboard... it says i CAN cancel it... but if i also recall correctly, this clicking cancel totally cancels out the whole driver install... any thoughts?
  6. i have a sidebar app that monitors my 4 cpu core usage... as well as my ram useage... for some odd reason, it shows that my 4gigz of ram are CONSTANTLY at around 50% load, half is constantly being used, even when no programs are open... is this normal?
  7. Well in vista I use about 512mb constantly. Check your proccesses (ctrl alt delete, proccesse) see if one process is using lots of memory.

    As for the driver instalation. Try cancleing if if you want to (it shouldn't cancel the whole thing if make sure just to select it). IF it does just install it, shouldn't hurt anything.

    Did you do anything to your computer before this started happening?
  8. well, it seemed to start with the newest graphics driver... i just tried uninstalling all nvidia drivers, and using the 15.23 it suggests, only to log back onto nvidia.com and see it now recommending 15.25 and vice a versa... im still having the same issue with the older mainboard driver... imma reinstall the newer one. =\
  9. Get a new PSU.
  10. new power supply? ...how many watts u suggest seeing my system specs above? ...is that wat would/could be causing the display driver to keep failing/restarting? as well as the purple/multi colored checkering all across my screen? ...i leave my rig on alot also, and i hear thats bad for the power supply.
  11. It is if the PSU isn't up to task in the first place, I use a Corsair HX620 to run a pair of 8800GT's which are pretty much the same as 9800GT's and I have seen a few low quality 650w PSU's fail to run similar setups to mine.
  12. You can try removing one GPU and running your system/games with just one card. If it runs without issues, it confirms Mousemonkey's findings that not powerful enough for two cards. If still have issues, the PSU still might be bad but there still might be other issues involved.
  13. yea i tried running on one card, it still encountered the same error... it seemed less often and less intense tho... idk it may just have been in my mind.
  14. Were all the case fans disconnected and three of the four sticks of RAM removed?
  15. no, all fans were still connected, as well as all 4x 1 gig ram sticks... should i try with no fans and only 1 gig stic of ram?
  16. This happens to me sometimes during when I try to stress test a GPU OC, except I don't have to hit any keys.

    Did you contact the manufacturere of your GPU or MOBO

    your PSU is close but I think enough, (but like monkey said lower quality brands could fail)

    try to do a GPU stress test and see if it happens that might give us some info.
  17. k. i just tried reformatting my pc... and ran wow, and it seemed ok... im gonna try a couple more games, and see wats up, ill let u guys kno... ty for all the support... i want to learn to OVERCLOCK!!!! =)
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