Boom goes the PSU, please help

Hey everyone,

So after an unfortunate water cooling accident involving my old 680i board I have rebuilt my computer with an upgraded p45 board by DFI.

The last thing I needed was a graphics card, and I have run my computer for extended periods of time without the GPU just to test the water cooling system for leaks, so it appeared to be stable.

Today I went to best buy (temporary fix if you know what I mean) and bought a radeon HD 4890 PCIex16 graphics card. I plugged it into the motherboard, attached the 2 12v connectors from my PSU and turned on the system. To my excitement, it worked and I entered the BIOS to check settings and temperatures. Upon entering the "PC HEALTH" page to check volts and temps my PSU exploded with a loud sound and a lot of fireworks, followed shortly by a nasty burning electronics smell.

My question is, what could have caused my PSU to do this? It seems like it's related to the graphics card but I don't understand what about that would cause it to go boom.

My PSU is a Silverstone Strider modular 850W

CPU: X6800 core 2 extreme
GPU: Radeon HD 4890
Chasis: Silverstone TJ09
Ram: 2x2gb Corsair DominatorGT(1600mhz 6-6-6-18 DDR3) - oh yeah

Thanks for any help,
I'm going crazy with this fix, first my mobo is dead, then my GPU turns out to be dead, get a new one, PSU explodes 5 minutes into use... this is ridiculous
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  1. Even decent PSUs can go bad. Hopefully nothing else was burned.
  2. Was it most likely just bad timing then?

    The order of events led me to believe I might have done something to cause that. It wouldn't have to do with something touching something it shouldn't on my motherboard or video card would it?
  3. Probably not, unless you left a loose connector hanging on the motherboard and it touched a component or a pin.
  4. And even then, the PSU should have electronically shut itself down.
  5. whoa, a quality psu gone bad ;(
  6. Best answer
    Well, you did mention a "water cooling accident." Had water gotten into the PSU? Are you certain everything else was dried off? Your rig should not have stressed an 850W PSU.

    Jonny gave this one a 7.5. When you replace it, a 650W model from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or PC Power & Cooling would be good choices. That's for your current rig; if you planned to add another HD4890 later, get 750W.
  7. It had been several weeks since the water leaked out of the south bridge block and onto the motherboard, and I had run the PSU for many hours beforehand so I doubt there was any water on the PSU. I checked everything for leaks after the PSU died and found nothing.

    Is it weird that the PSU died so dramatically or is that fairly normal?
  8. I wonder if a bug was in it. I mean that literally; something crawled in there and shorted something.
  9. Maybe but I live on the third floor in colorado, we don't have that many bugs because of the dryness and cold.
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