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Booting using a HDD pull from a HP Pavilion using what's loaded on it currently. Always posts, never starts windows OS. Kept getting the screen asking me to select which startup to use from an unknown failure. Safe mode shows the loading of drivers, but it stops and reboots at the same point in the process each time. temp issues would not cause a restart at the same point every time. BIOS works perfect and all specs are found. HDD file structure is found using the motherboard's flash utility. Have tried 2 PSUs: 200W 20pin generic, 700W 24pin Viotec. BIOS temps read 32 for CPU and 27 for mb. I'm stumped. Do HP HDDs have a special startup that requires a HP setup to boot properly? AOC 20" LCD ; Asus M4N78 PRO ; AMD Sempron 140 (C2,1gB L2) ; Seagate 80gb HDD from old HP Pavilion config. not using fresh install
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  1. Are you saying that you're installing a HD, loaded with the OS, in to a different computer? If so, you will encounter all sorts of problems as the HD is configured to run with hardware on the old system.
  2. Yes, what you stated is my intent. I ran into problems the first time I tried this years ago, but an attempt with a different config. worked perfectly.

    This build is for my mom. She wants to keep this drive 'cause it has all that she's done on her computer for many years. I understand that. I just wanted to get her faster PC guts for little money and hastle.
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