Phenom II 740 - x3 @3.5GHZ, or x4 @3.4GHZ

Hi All,

I am trying my hand at overclocking for the first time, and have achieved a stable overclock using the below equipment with both the fourth core locked and unlocked, but with a higher stable frequency with only three cores active. For gaming, with an eye to prepping for SWTOR in December, what advice can you offer as to which direction I should go, unlock the fourth core and run 3.4GHZ @ 1.4V or 3.5GHZ with three cores at 1.4V.

I could probably push the three cores to 3.6, with getting the voltage to 1.42, but since this is my first time, am a bit nervous about going too far.

Other than locking in the memory frequencies, I left everything else untouched, including the CPU freq at 215 MHZ.

ASROCK 870 Extreme3 MoBo
AMD Phenom II X3 740
8GB RAM - PC3-10600 CL9 set at 8-8-8-(tRAS 20, tRC 27)
AMD HD 5850

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  1. 3.4 4cores (unlock) faster and better than 3.5 3cores, your voltage still safe and worth
  2. Thanks,

    I have been able to get the 4 unlocked cores stable at (215MHZ) 3.5GHZ, and the VCORE at 1.45. Is this pushing it too far?
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    It's still safe if your peak temperature below 60C when do stress test. Sure your unlock get pass in prime95
  4. Thanks, yeah, my unlock ran for 12 hours on prime95 with no problem.

    Looks like a success, then!
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