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I have an Intel DP45SG motherboard and a Foxconn TSAA 156 case that only has AC'97 front panel audio, despite the fact that I have HD Audio on the P45 (so I have IDT HD Audio drivers, and yes, fully updated). And when I plug in the front panel audio to it, any audio played from any device sounds low quality, and occasionally skips, the longer I play the audio, the more prone to skipping it becomes, especially if I have something plugged in via the front panel. When I was trying to figure out the reason, on the IDT Control Panel, I noticed that it always detects something plugged into the front panel, whether there is, or not, I also noticed that every time the audio skips it shows as if it quickly and randomly switched from main audio to front panel audio, for no apparent reason, although that only happens when I DO have something plugged into the front panel. I tried to remove the connector of the FP Audio from the P45. Result? Sound was crystal clear, and there was no skipping of any kind.
So what I'm thinking, is that CLEARLY whatever is happening, it's caused by the FP Audio. Now, the point of all this is, is it possible to make things work on the AC'97 front panel, when I have HD Audio on my motherboard? Or do I literally have to buy a brand new case with both AC'97 and HD Audio connectors if I want to be able to use the FP Audio?
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    I googled "front panel ac97 to HD audio," but did not find a solution. Intel has some pictures and diagrams of the pin-outs here and here. It looks like you have two options: plug your headphone into the rear jack or modify your front panel cable.
  2. thank you so much i only just saw it today, i didt get notified when u answered, i began to lose hope that anyone saw the question, well this helps quite a lot, ill try 2 plug in with the configuration that they stated
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  4. I have that happen to me, too. You are welcome, I hope it helps.
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