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My onboard nvidia nforce 4 video works fine, but when I plug in my His HD4670 turbo, it can't get past the bios screen without the whole screen getting wierd colors and things on it. Is my video card's VRAM DEAD?
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  1. Well if updating drivers for the card doesn't fix it then def sounds like something might be up w/ the video card.
  2. I'm sorry if my post sounded mean. I've got a biostar mcp6p-m2 v.6.x mobo am2. It's 1st gen pci e but the card's 2.0. I've had it since may. 4 months is not an expected video card life I would think. So, anyways..

    When I turn on my computer with the onboard port, everythings A ok.

    When I turn it on with my HIS HD4670, everythings fine for a few seconds, or up to 5 minutes, but then the whole screen becomes corrupted. Sometimes I don't make it past post....

    I noticed that my new case was covering its exhaust.... My uncle looked over the board and said there's a few burns here and there, but, if it was burnt out wouldn't it not work at all..


    Anyways, thanks for replies, and I really hope for help.
  3. Burn spots on semi conductors,,means that they are not up to scratch,,and may not be able to output the signal/waveform that they were designed to do,can cause alteration of systems resistance reduce current at critical places,remember we are dealing with micro voltages here it does not take a lot to snafu ,need to try part in other box to ascertain functionality..:)
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