ASrock X58 Extreme Overclock Help

Motherboard: ASrock X58 Extreme
CPU: Intel I7 920
Heatsink: Stock Intel Heatsink

My question basically is this. I'm looking to overclock my CPU (Not a ton, but just enough) to get it around 3.2 Ghz.

A) Is this possible with the standard Intel Heatsink?

B) Is it safe?

C) If A and B are a yes, what can I do to achieve this?

Hope this is enough information with the following picture, and ty in advance!

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  1. ah trust me when i say this, 1 heat sync dosent make the overclock better than the other, 1 is probaly better but

    B)if you monitor your temps closely, your TCASE is 67C so try to stay below that

    C)you can try using intels turbo boost
  2. Sure, you can, but really watch those temps. I see you have a D0 920. It deserves a nice cooler, so imo get one and OC it to 4ghz :)
  3. I will most certainly give that a shot guys thank you very much!!! :)
  4. So far got a stable 3197 Mhz without going above 52C!!!! Ty guys :)
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