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have asked this on the ocz forum but havent had a reply

im running a vertex 2 on the asus p6t motherboard it connected to the standard sata ports and not the jmicron

my issue is this

have tried several different cables on my ssd including the locking ones and all are a loose fit from what i can see it appears that the slot on the drive isnt deep enough to take the cable properly

how tight a fit should i be looking for should it be the same as a standard hdd and is anyone else having this problem?

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  1. The fit should be a snug snap-in fit; not tight, not loose. It should be like any other SATA HDD fit.

    For SATA cables that have a lock-in tab at one end, the end with the lock-in tab should be the end plugged into the motherboard.

    I haven't seen others report this type of issue. Maybe you should try a different brand of SATA cable.

    Sometimes, manufacturing tolerances (or variances) make one brand of cable to be too different from others. Also, a wrong setup on the production line can produce an entire batch of bad cables.

    After you try out a different brand of SATA cable, if you still experience the problem, start the RMA process.
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