Hyper 212+ vs Hyper 212 Evo

Anyone know the performance difference? Wondering if it's worth the extra $9.
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  1. Here's a benchmark with a Phenom x4 with the EVO next to the Plus.

    It looks like the EVO is a few degrees cooler, and $9 isn't much.
  2. with the 212+ a lot of folks talked crap about how there were gaps between the pipes and base of cooler. basically calling it cheap.

    it seems as if CM actually listened, as the EVO is basically a 212+ with the gaps eliminated. it does seem to be much better assembled, and probably worth the 9$
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    The EVO might be a couple degrees cooler under full load because the fan runs faster than the Hyper 212+. Both are excellent quality and performance HSFs of moderate price. Either one should serve you well IMO.
  4. Both the 212+ and evo have 600-2000rpm fans. The difference in temps is from the better fan and possibly the smoother contact area. I say, get the evo.
  5. Will an EVO fit in a Rosewill Blackhawk?
  6. leonalex12 said:
    Will an EVO fit in a Rosewill Blackhawk?

    Yes, it is the same size as the 212+
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