Athlon 440 overclock help

hello could someone give instructions on how to overclock my cpu from 3ghz to 3.2ghz, i know its a small oc but i need it to make this game run properly (bad port).

athllon II x3 440 3GHz AC freezer 7
Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2
2x 2gb ddr3 1333MHz kingston valueram
HD 6850 asus
OCZ stealthxstream2 500w

i havnt oc before (im familiar with using bios)so can you be specific (its not my pc im doing it on), but really oc'ing that small shouldnt be dangerous should it?
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  1. Here ya go:,2396.html

    My wife has a triple core that I've never been able to budge, but it runs fine anyway. She has a decent air cooler, Xiggy BTF 90. But I think its the cheap, older motherboard that really holds back any overclock.

  2. i read through that article buzznut but i still dont feel comfortable enough to start changing all of those settings. as i understand only black edition have unlocked multiplier, (which seems to be the simple way) so i will need to change bus speed, ht link, memory timings and so on and thats a lot to get right. the thing which intimidates me most is having to change the timings on the ram, cant you recommend some settings just from knowing my cpu/mobo i only need .2GHz increase
  3. I understand how to raise fsb and lower nb multiplier to match it now but i dont quite get the Memory Clock Mode. you can only choose 400 533 667 and 800mhz. in cpuz the DRAM freqency is 667, but now if i overclock (raise fsb and match nb) how will i calculate the dram freq. to match it? and does this mean i have to base my overclock on dram frequencies available to me? ie 533mhz
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