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Hello all,

So I just got my setup going with two SSD and a new power supply with RAID 0. So my questions is I want to record games while I play. From my understanding you need to run the recorder (Playclaw) on one SSD and the game on the other. How do I do this and how do I know if it's working correctly?
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  1. When you use RAID 0 then as far as the operating system and application programs are concerned you only have one drive. It's not possible to tell programs to use one or the other.
  2. Umm I was told from a couple of people on a different site that's what i had to do and i said RAID 0 connect the two SSD together so it should only work as one. But do you think I will have an issue with lag or anything then since Its shared? I can't test it until there is a big siege hopefully soon.... I play Darkfall so that will be the real test for my computer.
  3. You won't know until you try!
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