Upgrading my CPU - Need some tips

Hey guys,

Did some looking around (should've done that beforehand..*sigh* oh well) and would like to change my question.

Current setup is as follows:

ASUS M2N32 Sli Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ @ 2.73 Ghz
2 gigs of ram
512 mb graphics card 128 bit

I do a bit of gaming, but nothing really graphic intensive. I play WoW, which doesn't really require a top end system to play at max settings. Currently my system can only go so far with before it starts to lag a little bit. I have a good graphics card in mind and some RAm as well - don't need any help with that, but any ideas on an upgrade on the CPU end? I'm looking towards an AM2+ but am not sure about compatibility. Any help is appreciated :)
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  1. exactly what graphics card do you have, your discriprion could cover a whole host of them

    as for cpu upgrades, i think the highest official support from asus is the Phenom I line of chips, though check the site, in my opinion if you can only get the Phenom I line its not worth it and try to see if anyone has gotten the Phenom II line supported unofficially

    also, you may want to up to 4GB of ram, or since DDR2 is getting more expensive with every word i type, get a 4GB set and add it for a total of 6GB of ram (may not be needed now, but if you keep the computer long enough you may need more than 4GB)
    can help...
    I'd recommend a quad core Phenom II... something around 2.5 - 3.0 Ghz range...
    check NewEgg or TigerDirect to find something in your price range
  3. arges86 said:,2469-2.html
    can help...
    I'd recommend a quad core Phenom II... something around 2.5 - 3.0 Ghz range...
    check NewEgg or TigerDirect to find something in your price range

    next time check the cpu support before you post what the person should get, as it has no phenom II support officially, its why i didn't give a recommendation for actual chip

    well, checked the cpu support list and there is no official support from Asus for the Phenom II line (at all)

    i guess you could look into unsupported cpu's (see if anyone has any of the Phenom II line working on this mobo)
  4. Thanks for the feedback...

    I guess I'll take this step by step. Upgrade my video card (XFX Gefoce 8600 GTS 256 128 bit is what I have by the way) up to a Geforce 250 GTS and pick up some RAM from there. As for the cpu, it's obsolete I know, but I think I'll go with the Athlon 64 X2 6000+, which operates about 300 mhz faster than my current one and hey, it's only 60 bucks. I'm not hearing or seeing good things about the phenom line, particulary the ones supported by my mobo. Problems with heat and such, and my system has a hard enough time keeping cool as it is. Once again, thanks for the tips. I'll gladly take more if you guys have any.
  5. or you could just overclock the 5200
  6. ^I agree, you'd probably see more performance increase if you spent $30 on a better cpu heatsink and OC'ed.
  7. Adding a 125W CPU isn't going to help your heat issues at all. A quad or tri Phenom I will be slower then a C2D/C2Q setup, but it will be faster then what you have. I to would either upgrade your HSF and OC your current CPU, or get a quad core Phenom I.
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    I would definitely try overclocking rather than buying the x2 6000+. I currently own the X2 6000+ in my rig and ive been thinking about upgrading to a phenom 2, but havent found the need to just yet, since I still get decent performance with my HD4850 along with my 24 inch monitor...I also havent found official support from my mobo manufacturer for the phenom 2 so ive been a little hesitant because of that as well...
    I would upgrade ur video card first, and see how ur rig performs then....
  9. Thanks guys, you all make some great points and I don't have a clue as to why I never considered OC'ing what I have. I'll look into it and a better heatsink. Yes I still plan on upgrading the video card and adding some RAM, but that'll all come in time.
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