Asus p4s533 memory spec's and overclock

hello dear friends

i have an asus p4s533-mx (with sis 651 chipset) mainboard.

it have both of ddr and sdram modules two empty bank.

i have a problem with my memory modules.

i have a 512 mb ddr3200 memory and a 256 mb ddr2700 memory and i can't work them together 768 mb of memory. it works 512 mb memory.

how can i work them at 768 mb? overclocking can help? and do you have any suggestions?

thank you
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  1. overclocking has nothing to do with getting your RAM to work. the problem is likely that your dimms are different speeds. Generally boards dont like to try to write to memory at two different frequencies. get another ddr3200 stick or upgrade your rig.
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