Ok, I think I have more needed info about the mother board. BIOS Type: Award
BIOS Date: 11-01-2004
BIOS ID: 11/01/2004-KM400-8237-6A6LYA0DC-00
Motherboard: HP/ASUS A7V8X-LA (Kamet 2)
The hard drive it won't detect is a SATA 3.5 Barracuda 500GB.
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  1. Have you checked if the necessary cables are plugged in?

    1. SATA power connector from PSU to HDD
    2. SATA data cable from motherboard to HDD
  2. You may need to add a jumper to the pins on the back-end of the drive to take it from 3.0Gb/s to 1.5Gb/s. Boards that where originally IDE have a 1.5 Gb/s limitation. There should be a diagram on the top of the drive that shows where to place the jumper cap.
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