AMD 955 or Intel Q9650 for video encoding ?


I am looking to buy a new PC, which will be mainly used for video encoding e.g. ripping my DVD & converting them to either divx, mp4, x264, etc.

I have narrows down the these 2 cpu, AMD phenom 955 or Intel quad Q9650, to be based on my new pc system.

Also I should mention that I have no plans to ever overclock the cpu or upgrade the motherboards or cpu, as when this system becomes out of date i will just buy a new pc system.

Keeping in mind that video editing/encoding is my 1st priority then maybe some gaming.

Thanks Nad
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  1. the 955.

    also how are you going to rip the DVD's? because any software which does so is illegal.
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    Hello Nad

    As my current skill about hardware, I would in you case have picked up an i7, but if I understand your question right, you want either the Phenom or the Q9650. The s775 is reaching the end of their lives, and probably will the Phenom too in not too long time.

    Q9650 costs over $300, but got a 12Mb L2 cache. The i7 is using L3 cache

    The Phenom is over $100 cheaper, using L3 cache and is probably better for your usage

    I might be wrong, listen to the very experts aswell :)
  3. Hi
    Thanks for you reply's

    I am not interested in the i7, only in the AMD Phemon ii x4 955 or Intel Q9650 QUAD CORE.

    I have these to systems in mind


    How ever if you guys think the that phenom is better then I will add the extra ram to make the system 4gb
  4. never buy a PC off ebay, and it's got XP on it aswell, don't even bother, XP is very old tech.
  5. But you can always upgrade the os from xp
  6. ^ it's still on ebay however.
  7. Where would you but it from then, my budget is 450.00 pounds
  8. well you'd be looking at a dual core PC in that price range, although if you look around then you might get a refurb'd quad core PC.
  9. what about this system as i want to avoid dual core
  10. I went for the Intel Q9650 QUAD CORE in the end the one below

    I must say that i am happy with the purchase, their nothing wrong with ebay, unless, your in overclocking or want higher quality parts.

    This PC is much better at converting video then my old pc which was a core duo.

    Hope this helps someone who can decide between the AMD phenom 955 or Intel quad Q9650.

    Reason why I chosen Intel in the end is because Intel have always seem to be better at video encoding, then AMD although the AMD Phemon was tempting with its ddr3 memory & AM3 socket support. I choose Intel my choice I'll Live with that.
  11. They perform very closely and it's really just the buyer's choice when it comes down to (close) equivalents in Intel vs. AMD or Nvidia vs. ATI.
  12. kokin said:
    They perform very closely and it's really just the buyer's choice when it comes down to (close) equivalents in Intel vs. AMD or Nvidia vs. ATI.

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