I7 975 vs Xeon W5590

Hey guys,
I am looking at building a high spec graphics development and gaming system (Crysis warhead and graphic dev = 3ds max 2009 and Bryce) and I was wondering which beats what (I have $10000 to burn on this computer) with Quad 5870 Crossfire X. And if anyone knows of a dual socket motherboard with Quad Crossfire X enabled please inform me because i am interested.
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  1. tri-fire (last one on pci-e 2.0 x8, shouldn't harm much)

    holds 18 DDR3 dimms (144GB mem max)
  2. WOW that's a Monster!

    And only $19.95 lol! or $450


    Would that sucker really work like a normal PC with Win 7 ect? playing Games ect?
  3. That thing is crazy. EATX?!? Supermicro is a good brand though.
  4. WTTTTFFFFFF THATS A CAR WITH THAT MONEY!!!!!!! You should just go with a norm 975.........
    I heard good things bout the Eclipse series, but aparently the newegg customers disagree... It runs 3 full 16x and 1 8x in quadfire sooo.... you should be good to go.
  5. Large numbers of Radeon cards aren't going to help your 3D work as much as a workstation GPU. More than 2 5870s on a server motherboard aren't going to help Crysis.
    Don't waste your money... Or, if you're intent on wasting your money, buy a workstation AND a gaming machine. Not one for both.

    Oh, and if you have a separate render farm, two CPUs is unnecessary... one top of the line i7 or Xeon will handle just about anything you could possibly throw at it. Only reason for 2 would be to improve render speeds.
  6. I already have a car thats worth 30000 anyway... but that eeatx mobo, that will do crossfire? cause my understanding of crossfire was that it had to have a crossfire chip on the board to allow for it. Also... with direct compute and (ahhh i forgot the other tech) that works with Radeon 5 series, I can create some sort of hack/plugin/workaround the be able to use the radeons in 3ds max. So I go back which would be better dual xeon or i7 and would the eeatx mobo do crossfire?
  7. You would be better off with two computers, one for gaming and one as a workstation.
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