Partitioning my Hard Drives - Worth it?


So i recently bought a Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB to use as a storage only disk. -> I haven't received it yet

However since I already got a 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS which at the moment is my primary disk I was wondering if partitioning would help out on performance?

So lets say that i would split it up like this

20-30GB for Windows 7 Ultimate (Too much?) - Nothing is going to be installed on this partition except for Windows
200-300GB for games, applications etc and and then split the rest up and use it as storage?

Is it a good idea? and what would it do for the overall performance?
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  1. It makes sense to put the operating system in it's own partition because it makes it easier to do an image backup of it without having to drag in all your other files - and conversely you can do file backups of all your data without messing around with the OS files.

    Having the OS in it's own partition also minimizes seeking and well tend to help keep the performance of OS-related activity from degrading over time. But it can hurt performance if you're doing something that requires accessing both the OS and data partitions at the same time.

    My own personal preference would be to allow around 80-100GB for the OS partition and install all the other software there as well. It may start your programs up a (little) bit faster if they're in the same partition as the OS since the heads won't have to seek as much.
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