Keep Nvidia or not? DDR3 Switch

I want to upgrade my PC but to do that I have to upgrade ALL of it since the board can't handle DDR3 which is a must. I currently have 2 GTX 260s but have to take one out due to my case. I'm going to upgrade to TT Element V. I have no choice about what board I want...


Those are the only ones.

Or I could sell my cards and get a different board W/ XFire. I've used both brands and like them both. But would that be better since I am going to stick with AMD proc no matter what? Is the Dragon platform really better than PII+NVidia?
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  1. Can you post your complete system specs and also how much do you want to spend ?
  2. If you currently have an AMD board, you should know that AM3 CPUs work with AM2+ boards with an appropriate BIOS update. Of course if your board doesn't support AM3 CPUs I guess you would need to upgrade the board as well :D. Anyway, as Maziar said, post your complete specks.
  3. Yes... But, that doesn't make my board capable of DDR3... I'm going to sell the computer and use the money to upgrade to:

    Phenom II 965
    8GB Patriot Viper DDR3 (Have 4GB)
    Graphics Card? (Have 2 GTX 260, If I switch to radeon I'll sell them both with PC. If not I'll sell the gigabyte one and buy another EVGA one)
    850W Corsair PSU
    40GB Intel SSD (Have)+640GB 7200
    TT Element V
    4x BD Combo (Have)

    I know the prices of everything if, I switched to ATI I'd probably spend $100-150 on the board and buy 2x 5770 which is about $350.

    To quote myself "Is the Dragon platform really better than PII+NVidia?"
    I don't know why you need all that info to answer the aforementioned question....
  4. BOARD:

    i'd probably get a single 5850 for $299 and OC it to 5870 frequencies instead of crossfired 5770s, it'll put out less heat and you'll avoid crossfire driver problems, plus the crossfire 5770s' penformance isn't much higher than a 5850's, it just 10-15% at the highest, and even less if you overclock
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