Too Many Fans?

Hey all its me again lol. Hey I have a TALL Thermaltake case and i modded it I think tooo much. Can you have 2 many fans? I have a Phenom x2 550 and a nvidia 9800gt and my case gets HOT! So I installed the following fans lol ( dont make fun of me please lol)

1 80mm stock cpu cooler
2 80mm fans in the rear blowing in on the cpu
2 80mm fans in the front blowing on 2 hdd's
1 80mm fan on the top for the heat to be pushed out.
1 120mm fan mounted on my 450 watt Ps
2 80mm fans mounted on a pci type fan thing blowing down on the 9800gt
2 80mm fans mounted on a pci type fan thing blowing up on the 9800gt

*Modded Side Panel*
2 120mm fans mounted on the side panel blowing in on the video and cpu
1 80mm mounted on the bottom of the panel for heat to escape
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  1. As long as your PSU supports it and they pull/push the air towards the same way (normally from the front and bottom (in) to the top and back (out) then you will be fine.

    My old Thermaltake Xaser III has 2 in front, 2 on the side, 2 on the back and one up top, all 80mm. With it is 2 fans on the PSU, CPU fan and GPU fan. Total is 11 fans.
  2. LMAO thats the one I got lol!!!! But i modded and cut 120mm holes in the side to put bigger fans. Is it true computers use alot of electricity?
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    You can try reversing the two rear fans so that they pull air out, because you're pushing air in from the front, rear, and side and only pulling out air from 1 80mm fan.

    As for having too many fans, it shouldn't matter how many you have, but how good your airflow is. I have an Antec 902 case, so I'm using 2 120mm in the front as intake, 1 120mm in the rear and 1 200mm on the top as exhaust. Aside from that, I my PSU from the bottom has a 120mm intake fan, my hsf has a 120mm fan for the heatsink, and my GPU has a 90mm fan. So I have 7 fans in total and that's without adding any extra fans or mods. My case allows me for another 120mm on the side window and one 120mm inside the HDD cage and my heatsink allows for another 3 120mm fans to be attached on it, so I can get up to 12 fans. :pt1cable:
  4. Yes, reverse the rear fans. Like Jimmysmitty said, you want to create a good flow, front to back and bottom to top.
    Your system looks like it should run well on a quality 450W PSU. A cheap Chokemax "550" might be adding a lot of heat to your case on the way to a flameout.
  5. Thanks all for the responses. I have a Dynex 400watt. I am using Ga-ma785gpm motherboard and its the low power one (140 watt) with a phenom x2 550BE with a 9800gt but it doesnt need the pci-e connector in the back so am i still good with 400 watt?
  6. Yes, and no. A 400W PSU is certainly enough. Unfortunately, that Dynex has been shown in technical reviews to be garbage. Read them for yourself, but it is essentially not fit to power a computer needing more than 200W-250W. Here's one:
  7. The Xaser III is a good case. Heavy as hell but good.

    I suggest getting a Thermaltake PSU of at least 450W. Thermaltake makes some really good PSUs quality wise.
  8. omg yes this thing is made of pure steel lol.
  9. try just a couple of fans at the front and rear, higher internal pressure will mean better air flow.
    With that many fans I would'nt be suprised if airflow is severly interrupted and it actualy makes things worse tbh.
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