NVidia fx 5200 with geforce 9600gt for triple monitors?


just to explain my situation - I have a nvidia fx 5200 pci card and a geforce 9600gt pcie card, with my micro atx motherboard i only have 4 pci slots and 1 pcie slot.. (ruling out an sli or crossfire setup with pcie cards)

my question is would the 9600gt run with the fx 5200's drivers?
i installed them but i still don't know how i would go about setting up the triple monitor display.. at the moment i have my pcie card set as primary but it says there's an error with my 5200.

if someone could give me some instructions as to how to setup these 2 cards to work a triple monitor display, it would be appreciated :D

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  1. It may depend on the OS you are using. As I recall, there may be a limitation that all graphics cards use the same driver under some OS'es. The 5200 card uses a different driver than the 9800GT. The 9800GT uses the same driver for cards from the 6200 on up. I have used three monitors in the past, using a pci based card, and it does work. You can get a pci 6200 card for about $40. If you are going to windows-7, I think then you can use multiple drivers.
  2. i thought it was xp that could use more drivers and vista and win7 couldn't, i have vista.. but if what you said is true then i can upgrade as i have the disk and the partition space...

    is there a way to get both of the cards to run on the same driver?
    i don't mind using an old driver for my 9600, but is it possible?
    i highly doubt it, but is there like a 3rd party driver or something to handle that?

    thanks for the info, and if this fails i guess ill be going the 6200 route
  3. is the 9600gt able to support 3x monitors configuration?
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