BUP, IFO and VOB files from mini disc from Sony Handycam


I want to extract the videos from 3 mini discs and combine them into one disc.

When I insert the mini disc into my drive, the WMP comes up and shows chapters. It suggests that I create a playlist, but I am unable to create a playlist using the chapters. The first disc I tried somehow magically got into the correct format on WMP and I was able to create the playlist on that disc. Those files are in .mpg format. I copied one of the other discs to my hard drive, and it shows that the files are in .BUP, .IFO and .VOB format. I am unable to extract any information from these files.

How can I get the files that are in .BUP, .IFO and .VOB into .mpg format so that I can add them to my playlist to create the DVD compilation? I also need to make sure that the audio works on the converted files.

Thanks so much for your help
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