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Hello. I just upgraded my mother's computer by putting in my old motherboard and a new Western Digital hard drive. When I try to turn it on and boot from the XP disk to install it just repeats the message: reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. I have tried doing what it says and made sure the boot priority was in order in the BIOS but nothing is working. I have also tried using a different CD/DVD drive that is SATA instead of IDE and that did not fix the problem. I have also switched out cables. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. OK, let me make sure I understand the problem: You have installed a different mobo and have one disk drive (factory fresh) installed. You have the XP disc in the optical drive. BIOS shows the optical is the first boot device. And you get that error message. If I have *anything* wrong, please let me know.

    Otherwise, the possibilities are:
    1) The optical drive(s) is not being recognized by the mobo. Check bios.
    2) The disk in the optical drive is not bootable.

    Try disconnecting the HD and booting, and let us know what message you get.
  2. are you sure its a bootable cd?
    some of the xp cds are not bootable and can only b accessed in windows
  3. Yes you have it right. The HD is brand new if you didn't know that. I will try Disconnecting the hard drive and telling you what message i get.

    Edit: I unplugged the hard drive and got the same message.
  4. I also tried a CD that i am absolutely sure is bootable and it didn't work.
  5. Is the optical drive recognized in BIOS? Is it listed as a valid boot device (not just in the boot sequence list)?

    You can try clearing CMOS to see if that helps.

    But if you have a working optical that the BIOS recognizes and lists as a boot device, and you are sure the disc is bootable, and you have no HD installed, and you still get that message . . . you're screwed.

    Proprietary BIOS maybe? What's the make and model of your Mom's computer?
  6. Its a Compaq Presario SR5250NX but a new mobo would work correct? And I did try clearing the CMOS
  7. ur screwed my friend
  8. Not necessarily. I am NOT familiar with Compaq's of any vintage, but the psu's, case connectors, and mobo's of some brand name computers are proprietary.

    Having said that, what's important I guess is where YOUR mobo came from. I assume it is carrying the same cpu and of course the same BIOS that once worked.

    It powers up in its new case, so the power switch works. Can't tell if the psu is doing all it should, but if you are getting the optical's tray opened under power . . . and if the mobo wasn't getting enough power you wouldn't get thru post.

    So I go back and ask . . . does the BIOS see the optical drive? And list it as a boot device? Did you clear CMOS?
  9. Yeah it does and yeah i cleared CMOS. I pulled out the battery and put it back in.
    It says CD-ROM gorup boot priority and has the name of the CD drive next to it so yes it is showing it as a boot device.
  10. In desperation, you could try the following . . .

    - Disconnect ALL connections from the case to the mobo, except the power on switch IF its a standard, 2-pin connector. (If its not, you will turn the PC on by using a screwdriver to momentarily short the two pins instead.)

    - Disconnect ALL of the psu leads, and use the psu that you previously used instead. It does not need to be installed IN the case, but it should have metal-to-metal contact WITH the case.

    Now we have eliminated all of the other Compaq parts. The mobo, cpu, and psu are known compatible. Dunno what your graphics solution is, but I presume its either onboard the mobo or its a card that wasn't with your mom's Compaq.

    If that doesn't do it, I'm out of possibilities.

    But let me ask again . . . where did your OLD mobo come from (the one now in your mom's case) ? What brand PC and make/model of mobo?
  11. Its the mobo that came with that computer. There is a link to the motherboard on my first post.
  12. Huh? You said you upgraded your mom's Compaq by installing a mobo from YOUR old computer.
  13. No my moms was a different compaq and my computer used to be the compaq that is now hers....OK let me explain..I got the Compaq SR5250NX for christmas a long time ago...Since then i have upgraded the PSU, Ram, processor, got a video card, and a new case. Now i got a new motherboard for my computer and planned on building my mom a computer with all the old parts i got off mine. So now i basiccally reassembled the computer that i originally got with a new hard drive. Sorry if i was not clear.
  14. So, your Mom's computer is a Compaq case, a Compaq psu, and a Compaq mobo using a cpu that once upon a time drove it all perfectly? Once upon a time, all these parts comprised "your old computer"?
  15. Yup.
  16. Parks1993, I regret to inform you your old computer no longer works.

    I am out of suggestions, save a wild a$$ guess its a mobo problem.
  17. Alright thanks for you help!
  18. Solved: HP manufactured motherboards are Tattooed...
  19. So, you were attempting to use an HP recovery disk on a non-HP mobo?
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