P43.6|x1650xtpro vs Counter strike 1.6

I can get above 100fps. I have it capped at 120 because no sense in have fps higher than monitor refresh rate. But there are times when my frames drop to as low as 40. For example full server in the middle of fire fight. More commonly I get drops down to 50-60's and then there are times when fps stay in the 100's.
I was under the impression that my rig had enough to run cs 1.6 100fps constant. Guess I was wrong?
ps yes I have tried a performance based config, no worky...
New drivers came out last month, downloading those now....
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  1. Some info on you spec would be good.
    How are your internet settings and connection?
    Exactly what video settings are you using? AA can have a heavy impact on framerates as can shadows and reflections, they're always the first things I turn off/down to improve framerates.
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