Mobo for i5 750

Which is the best mobo at 170-200 $ for i5 750 and ati 5850

I will use both linux and windows 7

I wont upgrade my system for the next years

I wont have 2 graphic cards so no need for sli crossfire etc.

i want to have a good mobo for games that doesnt block the power of my other hardware.
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  1. One card i really like is this Asus P7P55 D Evo what u think is it good for what i want?
  2. asrock p55 extreme is very good and has some nice features on it, and its fair cheap, i managed to get one £88
  3. GO for gigabyte!
    It is the best VFM & rock solid perfomrance!
  4. saran008 said:
    GO for gigabyte!
    It is the best VFM & rock solid perfomrance!

    the mobo u mentioned is very expensive , i need something between 170-200 $
  5. Save that extra money for extra memory!

    After Installing OS don't pay any money for any antivirus programs!
    Download & Install the follwoing 3 freewares.
    1. Avira Anvivir - .
    2. Malwarebytes - .
    3. Ccleaner - .

    The Best Security combo for all types of systems.
  6. saran008 said:

    i will propably go for this one ty
  7. All the best for your new build!
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  9. I love my P55-UM4P, Its alittle more expensive, But better features (reason I selected it over the UM3's) Also I opped for the Non A with the idea of going with a dedicated card for USB3 when it's more practical - Also does not "delete" 2nd pci-e slot.,3238
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