How i can share a file from vista to winXp

i cannot share file from vista to Windows xp via network, who can help me?...
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  1. Disable the firewall on the vista computer.
  2. You have to make sure that file and printer sharing is enables on both systems
    to do that in vista go to sharing center and turn on sharing
    in xp from folder options - view - allow simple file sharing
    then create a folder
    in either machines
    right click it
    and click share
    enable sharing on the folder
    now make sure you know the computer name
    go to the vista machine
    open Run
    Type \\computerName\sharedFolder
    computer name is your computer name shared folder is the name of the folder you created
    hit enter
    vista by default '(when sharing is enabled) will allow any thing in the public folder to be shaed on the network
    make sure both computers are on the same subnet and netwrork
  3. Check your file sharing settings for Vista and XP. When you go to "view computers and devices" on Network tab can you see your Vista and XP computers?

    Check your vista file sharing settings, you could disable password and enable file sharing. (FYI, vista is more meticulous on file sharing over the network compare with XP).
  4. you can follow the following steps:

    Step 1:get the ip address of both the computers
    make sure they are in the same work group and has different computer name.
    step 2:make sure they are able to ping each other , if not disable the firewall
    step 3:share the drive or the folder that you wants to share in vista, by right clicking on it and click on properties and allow permission for everyone.
    step 4:type in the shared name
    step 5:you can disable password protected in vista computer.
    step 6:from the xp computer go to network->view work group computers and click on the vista computer , you should be able to see the shared folder or drive.

    all the best.
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